BD Autoguard BC Shielded IV Catheter

The BD Insyte Autoguard BC secured IV catheter is an advanced gadget with push-button shielding modern technology. The new layout features a BD Vialon biomaterial, Blood Control Modern Technology, and also Instaflash needle innovation, which lowers the danger of needlestick injuries by more than 95%. On top of that, the 1.1 mm size of this catheter makes sure a quicker insertion and minimizes the threat of hit-and-miss insertions. The BD Autoguard BC shielded IV catheter is made with sophisticated innovation that minimizes the danger of needlesticks by as much as 95%. The push-button shielding system removes the need for added cleaning supplies and considerably reduces the risk of mechanical phlebitis. Furthermore, the Blood Control Technology significantly decreases the quantity of blood direct exposure during outer IV insertion. This function also helps minimize the amount of time required for cleanup and also making use of medical materials. The BD Insyte Autoguard BC protected IV catheter is the perfect solution for patients and healthcare professionals. Its progressed blood control technology enables clinicians to minimize the risk of blood direct exposure by as much as 95%. With a built-in blood control septum, this cutting-edge tool considerably reduces the danger of phlebitis as well as mechanical phlebitis. With an additional push-button mechanism, clinicians can easily pull back the flash chamber and needle without causing unneeded discomfort. The BD Autoguard BC secured IV catheter is the current medical technology to reduce the threat of needlesticks. The BD blood control modern technology reduces the quantity of blood direct exposure, which lowers the requirement for cleansing supplies and also reducing the amount of time needed to provide a dosage. In addition to decreasing the risk of needlesticks, the catheter is convenient as well as uses premium performance and also comfort for patients. By choosing the BD Insyte AutoGuard shielded IV catheter, clinicians can minimize the threat of mechanical phlebitis. This apoplexy is caused by a poorly inserted IV catheter. With the Autoguard BC protected IV catheter, clinicians can extend the dwell time and also reduce the possibilities of phlebitis by 50%. In addition, the BD Vialon biomaterial softens to 70 percent after placing into a blood vessel.

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