Common Questions Answered For Those Who Want To Swim With Whale Sharks In Australia

When vacationing in the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia, many individuals crave the excitement of swimming with a whale shark. These humongous creatures are a sight to behold and it’s an experience they’ll never forget. Adventurous individuals who want to swim with whale sharks in Australia can read the questions and answers below to learn more information.

What exactly is a whale shark and are they dangerous?

Whale sharks are classified as sharks, but they’re harmless creatures and there isn’t any danger for individuals who swim with them. Whale sharks have the distinction of being the world’s largest fish and their average length ranges from 18 to 33 feet long, with a weight of over 20 tons. The mouth of a whale shark is approximately 5 feet wide and although they don’t use them to eat, they have over 300 teeth that are situated in rows.

Where can individuals swim with whale sharks?

Whale sharks prefer the warm water of tropical climates and during the months of March to November, they converge on the coast of Western Australia. Individuals can book a Ningaloo whale shark dive and actually swim next to one of these gigantic creatures.

What should individuals expect when they book a whale shark dive?

After boarding the boat to begin the adventure, individuals put on a wetsuit and snorkeling gear. Along the Ningaloo Reef, individuals will snorkel so they can become familiar with the gear before the big dive. After a briefing that explains the whale shark dive, the boat heads out to the outer reef, where the whale sharks are found.

Once a whale shark is spotted by a plane, individuals can get into the water and swim close to the largest fish on earth. Safety measures are always in place during the whale shark swim, so individuals can relax and enjoy the adventure.

Is it possible that individuals won’t see a whale shark when they book a dive?

The absence of a whale shark is very uncommon, but if this does occur, individuals can book another dive for free on a different day. If this option isn’t feasible, individuals will get a full or a partial refund dependent on how they booked the dive.