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Why Websites Need a Sitemap

The term “site map” may be very popular, but not every comprehends what it is and what it does for your website. So the question now is “What is a sitemap?” To start with, a site map is simply a web page that contains a list of your website’s web pages. A site map is very important if you want your webpages to be visible on the world wide web. It allows search engine crawlers to locate your webpages. Also, it allows visitors to be able to click the webpage links contained in that website. In plain terms, a site map makes a give website very accessible and user friendly.

Moving on, sitemaps can either be of these two types. The classification is defined by the purpose that the sitemap serves. The first type of sitemap is meant for giving visitors a good website experience by allowing them to easily navigate all the website’s pages very easily. This allows you to be able to concentrate on your page’s layout. This type allows you to arrange links into categories or different sections. This type of sitemap is more visitor-centered as it allows them to easily find the content that they are actually looking for.

On the other hand, the other type is to give search engine crawlers an easier time to find and index the website completely. The purpose is to make sure that no website page is missed when search engines index them. For this type, the sitemap is made using XML format. Moreover, this type of sitemap has to be situated within your web server’s root directory. Moreover, the robots.txt file contains the details of your site map. This XML file lists down all the links that search engine bots should index.

Therea re various reasons that make sitemaps essential to every website. This is what you need to get your website higher up the search results page. This happens when your content or your website is visible and is indexed by search engines. SO now you ask why is it so important for search engines to be able to crawl your website? Visitors head to search engines when finding information. So, when search engines displays results, you want your website to be part of it.

The next reason is that your users will be able to get a satisfactory user experience browsing your website. This is important for websites that offer hundreds of pages to their customers. Once a visitor has a positive user experience in your website, they are likely to return to check if you have new content.

Simply put, a website is important because it keeps things in your website organized. This means that if you have a website, you need a sitemap. Even if your website is small, you will be thankful if you have a sitemap. Click here to get one created for your website.

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