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Pointers for a Good Cabin Rental Experience

So it’s set – a cabin rental for your next family vacation. But where do you start? With the huge number of cabin rentals everywhere, you’ve got practically a sea of choices to pore through. You could be overwhelmed.

To make your job of finding the right cabin rental easier, follow these tips:

Check in advance.

For most people, vacation planning starts immediately after New Year’s. Also, you may find that in most popular destination, there will be people who’ll rent the exact same property within the exact period of time, every single year. To get the widest selection, start even before New Year’s, and remember to ask they offer early bird discounts. This discount can be as great as 10%, so don’t think twice about asking.

Define your wants and needs.

Bringing your doggo? Ask if they allow pets. Thinking of cookouts? The grill should be in perfect shape. Yes, you need a written contract, and this document should have all of these details and more, including a contact person’s name and number (in case you have issues during your stay).

If it pays to wait, wait.

This may contradict number one, but if you’re heading to a rather popular destination, note that supply outweighs demand. That’s why the closer you get to the high season, the more owners and agents will be scrambling to fill their houses.
So if your dates and amenities are flexible, you can pocket some savings by doing doing a last-minute cabin rental search. Just don’t get attached to a certain property, and keep in mind that this is a game of risk against reward.

Examine the fine print.

Before committing yourself to a cabin rental, know what it involves. Get down and dirty reading their terms and conditions. Do they provide the furnishings? What about transportation? Cleaning services? Insurance? What’s your part of the deal? Whatever other details you’re concerned about, ask the agent or owner. The last thing you want during a vacation is an unwanted surprise.

Many cabin rental sites post reviews and feedback given by guests. It’s good to spend a little time reading them. Don’t forget that a cabin rental is far from booking a hotel room – you have a binding contract between you and the owner. You can’t just cancel and expect a full refund. Sometimes, you may have to wait a few weeks or even an entire month. So don’t think you’re being too fussy when you have nagging questions in your head. That’s just how it works.
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